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Choices We Make Will Have Everlasting Consequences

All of us get to make choices everyday. Often long afterwards we’re able to see in hindsight how much particular choices have shaped our lives, for better and worse. This site is for sharing those stories and insights. Perhaps by taking more time to notice our own life’s ripples, we’ll make the most of these moments while we’re living them.

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Creating Whirlpools

I’d been in & out of recovery for over a decade when I was offered a drink one sunny summer afternoon.  The thought was kind, but I declined. My best friend had recently opened my eyes — helping me re

Leon Trotsky

Very soon after the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1934, a number of young Bolsheviks jostled for power, amongst them a young and ambitious comrade by the name of Joseph Stalin. But, in order to achieve t

Split Second Decision

It’s 1995. My wife and I are on a flight to New York City to attend the Jack Kerouac Writer’s Conference. As the plane circles over the city, it allows me just enough time to locate the Statue of Libe


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